The Dancing Silhouette

There is an image in my head,

Of a woman’s dancing silhouette,

The feeling in my body spreads,

That she lives her life without regrets.

The image flows just like the wind,

With soft strokes of perfect grace,

And a tenderness which, in me, pinned

To my heart, her every trace.

In my trance, I’m still aware

It is nothing but a dream.

But with such dreams, the only scare

 Is the chance that you may wake.

The beauty of her is so stunning,

Space around her seems to glow.

Effects upon my heart so cunning,

 Signs of awe, upon me, show.


On the way to my approach,

Her figure fades away to not.

A dream I could not coach,

 For that one embrace, I sought.


A question comes to mind,

If my dream was not her place,

Could it be possible in life to find

With my heart, this girl I chase?

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