When you hit rock bottom, don’t fret. There’s nowhere to go but up!

With this article, I’m writing for all of those out there that have at one time or another hit absolute rock bottom. Perhaps that’s you right now, perhaps it’s not. Yet, I know that I’ve been through it myself. Life can feel hopeless and overwhelming. The situations that you’re dealing with can feel insurmountable and defeating if you lose faith in yourself and the power that you have inside of you.

Just know, that sometimes, hitting rock bottom can be a very negative experience, but it can also be an absolute saving grace, pushing you forward in life by acting as a catalyst for important changes that are required to improve your life for the better. Perhaps some of your weaknesses have been exposed in a bad relationship, maybe you’ve been let go from a career that you have never really been happy with. Perhaps you blame yourself for a number of things from those experiences. Yet, if you decide to look at these uncomfortable experiences as an opportunity to learn and grow, then you can frame them in the future as a negative but necessary experience that encouraged the positive growth that you had always needed.

We can never be entirely defeated by a terrible experience unless we give up and surrender to the belief that we deserve no better than what we had experienced leading into our struggle and often times, anxiety or depression issues.

It happens to all of us. We will all struggle at some point in our lives with a form of anxiety or depression. They are natural emotions which are especially prevalent during times of stress and uncertainty. Some of us are frequented by these insecure thinking habits more often than others, but they only become of great concern when they reach a point that they become unnatural and self-destructive.

Just know that we all have the power to change and there is always hope. Gratification is hardly ever instant, but keep making tiny bits of progress every day towards some goal that is going to bring purpose to your life and in that way, you will recover inevitably.

Motivate yourself. Share your goals with the people you love and the people that love you back. Trust yourself. Trust your gut over your second-guessing rationale. Ask yourself if the things that you think will make you happy are temporary gratification habits or will they bring you permanent peace?

Are you afraid to lose the security of a comfortable life, the type that is driven by the need to survive over the passion to thrive? Or perhaps you’re feeling the need for more security in your life?

If you’re afraid to lose security in a relationship or job that makes you unhappy, then be prepared to never truly experience the full rewards of a life lived without regrets. Never feeling fully actualized as the person that you were always meant to be. A truly happy and at peace individual.

If you are feeling the need for more security than allow that need to drive you. Use it to fuel you. Yet don’t let your situation consume. Always set eyes on the future that you want to live! As long as you’re persistently and stubbornly pushing forward, you will reach your goals. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not next week, but it will be inevitable and worth it.

Sometimes bad things happen to us in life and the best thing that we can do for ourselves is to ask, “What can I change?”, honestly, and without making excuses. Can you motivate yourself to that extent?

I truly believe that all beings are capable of great peace and happiness. That we are always doing one of two things in our every day lives; moving closer towards that happiness, or moving farther away into the void of dissatisfaction.

I hope that you choose happiness! I hope that you choose to bring yourself closer to what is truly best for you and if it’s not easy, that you then choose to fight for it, because if your life isn’t worth fighting for, then what is?

I truly hope that everyone in their lifetime will understand this truth for themselves and know that they are never limited by their pasts or mistakes or current situation or even the abuses received by others. We can create our futures. We can shape healthier thinking and habits for our future selves.

Our ego is an illusion and nothing more than a collection of our memories and experiences which have shaped us into the person that we are today. Sometimes our ego is shaped by the way that others see us, which is even further from the truth of who we actually are.

Yet these ingrained beliefs can never determine who we can be tomorrow, as long as we are able to separate the essence of who we truly are from the insecure beliefs that we have decided to own about ourselves and our destinies. We need to challenge these beliefs and ask “why?”. Our beliefs need to be thrusting us forward in life, rather than holding us back. 

As human beings, we are natural creators. We are capable of understanding and shaping not only our lives but the lives of those around us. How are your actions and beliefs serving you? How are they serving those closest to you? Do you want to change or are you happy with where you are? Are you being honest with yourself?

Never stop asking yourself questions, never stop answering honestly, and never stop believing that you are capable of great change and accomplishment.

You may not have the proof of your capabilities just yet, but it all will start with believing in yourself first!

I sincerely wish this for all, and that people continue to look outside of themselves to how they can bring positivity into not just the lives of themselves, but the lives of each other as well. The people of this world and our societies can greatly benefit from a surplus of good karma. This is how society evolves for the benefit of all.



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