Road Trip: British Columbia – Day 3

This morning started off slow and easy. My companions were up super late in to the night, and me, being the old man that I am in spirit, was in bed at about midnight. As much as I hate waking up, I do enjoy the peace and tranquility of a quiet morning… And coffee… I love coffee!

I took a walk around Lillooet before my companions were able to wake. Snapped a few photos, breathed in that cool mountain air and took a few minutes to appreciate the landscape surrounding me. My walk ended with a stop at an A&W for breakfast and a coffee, immediately followed by oily hands and a healthy dose of self loathing.

We packed up our belongings and took off to our next destination. The famous Whistler, BC.

Our journey led us further into the mountains at an increasing altitude. The air grew cooler and snow began to carpet the slopes of the mountains surrounding us.

We visited lakes of beautiful blues, some still covered in ice and snow. The air was frigid and the snow was icey and slippery. The mountains became truly gigantic, it was easy to lose sight of the peaks from the windshield while driving.

Eventually we wound up in Whistler, BC. One of Canada’s famous skiing villages on the West Coast. We had no intention of skiing but wandered the village scouting out the shops and restaurants. The village was still full of tourists, many of whom were still there to ski on what little snow remained there.

I did some souvenire shopping for people back home in my life and after a while we took off again, back on the road to Squamish, BC where our next airbnb was waiting for us. This time we were staying the night in a camper van in our host’s backyard.

The sky was cloudy and dark and rain began to fall with large frequent drops. When we finally arrived to our destination we unloaded our gear and moved into our small home for the night.

Two of us took refuge under the tarp on the side of the trailer, cracking open some beers that we still had. The other was in bed as soon as he was finished unloading. The night was quiet and uneventful.

To be continued…