Road Trip: British Columbia – Final Day

On the morning of our last day, I woke early. Laying in the bed of the camper I stared up at the ceiling and contemplated the day ahead. With some gentle snoring going on around me, I decided to lay there peacefully, just trying to gradually wake up and prepare for the final hurrah of our road trip.

After about an hour, my friends took turns showering inside the house and we worked to pack our belongings and take off. I took a short stroll along the street, everything was damp and dark from the rain the night before and the air was crisp and cool.

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Eventually, we set off again, heading back into Squamish to try to find a cafe for a nice cup of coffee and maybe some breakfast.

We parked in a district of the city that had multiple restaurants, cafes and small boutiques. As we approached the corner of the street we were stopped by a woman with an earpiece and a clipboard. She didn’t want us going any further because just around the corner there was a production crew in the middle of shooting a movie scene for the Woman’s network in Canada. We asked a few questions and joked with the production crew until someone yelled that they were resetting and we were able to carry on.

We passed a few diners and boutiques and circled the block indecisively, passing a few beautiful murals on a wall of a local dollar store as we went. They deserved a moment of reflection. After a lap around the block, we grabbed our coffees from an artistic cafe on the strip and then proceeded to hit the road again.

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We started back South towards Vancouver. The drive was beautiful following a road that hugged the mountains with steep cliffs and the ocean on our right. Mountains can be seen rising out of the saltwater in the distance for a spectacular backdrop.

We made a pit stop at Porteau Cove, halfway to the Northern edge of Vancouver city and we spent some time walking along an old pier before searching for treasures and stones along a beach full of pebbles.

Two seals quietly peaked out at us from the waters nearby. Carefully dipping back beneath the surface and re-emerging a few feet farther down the shoreline for another brief glimpse. The atmosphere was calm and tranquil.

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The winding road we traveled on passed through another town nestled on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. The houses dotted the surrounding terrain in a disorderly fashion and it only added to the city’s charm. The views were stunning.

As we entered Vancouver the traffic began to grow heavier, and the buildings began to grow taller and more robust. The beauty of nature faded away to a man-made jungle of concrete and glass. There was no shortage of people to populate this environment. I took my last two shots of whiskey with the end of a bag of Ghost Pepper Tortilla chips and proceeded to breathe fire until we found a parking spot and left the Delica van for a tour by foot.

After parking downtown, we found ourselves a nice restaurant selling curries and coffees in the legal sector of Vancouver. We were all satisfied and soothed and perhaps a little more alive. The hot curry spices gave me a rejuvenation that I deeply needed.

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After walking for a few hours in the city and along the harbor, we made our way back to another restaurant for a few more light drinks and a bite of food. We quietly debated on whether our server was actually born a man or a woman. The only thing that was certain is that we couldn’t be certain, but she was good-humored and friendly and we liked her regardless.

We took off again from Vancouver city, heading East to Mission, BC just north of where we would fly out in Abbotsford. We stopped at a few shops along the way and finally made it to our accommodation on the outskirts of town.

The home was lovely, surrounded by forest, vegetation and with a couple of neighborly homes nearby. We had an apartment above our host’s garage and it was clean and elegant. It was a great spot to end our journey and the hostess was a lovely Irish woman who was friendly to speak with.

The night ran late and the morning came quickly. At the airport, we each said our goodbyes and as much as we enjoyed our busy four-day journey through mainland BC, I believe we were also excited to return to our homes and I know I was looking forward to giving my body a break from all of the alcohol and unhealthy food choices. I was ready to digest this whole experience on my own.

Thank you British Columbia for our wonderful experience!