My Little Angel

The tides have come in, and the ocean has divided,

The path to my heart is a straight shot now.

Before I had met you, I was a soul misguided,

I had capacity to love, but you had to show me how.


The day that I first laid eyes upon you,

I welled up, fighting back my tears.

I had never felt a love so true,

Not once, in all my thirty years.


Months have passed, you’ve grown so big,

Your smile brightens up my days and nights.

For the rest of my life, I’ll zag when you zig,

I’ll take on the world to make sure you’re alright.


Attentively, I’ll watch you grow,

I want to see your spirit flourish.

I’ll hold you tight, never let you go,

This seed of love I plan to nourish.


Of all the people I’ve come to know,

You’re the only one that really matters.

You’re my hero babe, I hope it shows,

I want our love to never shatter.


I know, your parent I may be,

Yet I’m looking up to you,

Perhaps you’ll save myself from me,

And change my points of view.


Little angel, living in a world that can be cold,

Just remember you hold great powers,

A burning heart, that warms all you hold,

And in the face of evil, evil cowers.


There’s just one last thing I have to say,

To my darling girl, I love you so,

And when I’m gone, I’ll never fade,

Eternally my love to you will flow.


Nova ❤