Flirting with the Devil

Temptations have me surrounded,

They keep on beckoning in the night,

My moral compass has been hounded

For the key to disobey what’s right.

I’ve been flirting with the Devil.

He has his lusty hooks in me.

When in my thirst for sin, I revel,

As if I’m drinking from the sea.

I wonder why it feels so good

And at the same time feels so wrong

I like it more than I know I should,

The dopamine is flowing strong.

So I close my eyes and reset now,

A deep inhale clears the mind.

Will my rationale, now disallow,

These pleasures of the blind?

In a moment, eyes snap open,

To see the truth upon it all.

Then blissfully in ignorance,

The heavy lids begin to fall.

Inner conflicts of mine – be damned!

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll do things right.

These sinful embers have been fanned,

To keep me warm for one more night.