A Week in Cuba, Sol Cayo Santa Maria

My story in Sol Cayo Santa Maria started with a friend of mine. She’s never been on a plane before so it was an especially stressful and rewarding event for her to conquer. For me, it was just another trip to somewhere beautiful, exotic and so much warmer than back home.

Our first day was a royal mess. We flew out from the Toronto airport at 6:30am and she was quite nervous for her first international flight. While in the air, we splurged on a few beers to help her take the edge off, breaking with my usual tradition of never drinking before noon. Yet it helped time fly by, and perhaps her anxieties. After we had landed and passed through customs, we were loaded onto a bus in Cuba, to be transported to our resort, Sol Cayo Santa Maria!




While being transported through beautiful tropical landscapes and local villages, we sipped on Cuban beers and rejoiced for breaking the routines of our mundane daily lives with a much needed getaway.



Upon arrival, our luggage was held while our room was being prepared and we wandered the resort, drinking from the open bar and familiarizing ourselves with our new home away from home. Turquoise and crystal blue ocean waters surrounded golden sandy beaches. Palm trees framed the entire layout of the resort. Buildings made from wood and concrete, painted bright colors stood erect with red clay roofing. The staff were genuinely courteous and very friendly. There was not much to complain about, although simple it surely was paradise.

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Eventually we were shuttled to our room and we settled in to our environment. The next few days involved late afternoon naps, far too much alcohol, beach lounging, Cuban entertainment, lots of music and watching local black birds hunting small lizards in a struggle for survival.



In my experience with other Canadians back home, I’ve found that there are often complaints about the food in Cuba, and although not every food option at the resort was worthy of five star dining, there was a large variety of dishes and prepared meal options. It’s important to remember that as tourists in a communist country, we eat like kings in comparison to the local peoples.



The Cuban people were very grateful for any tips or presents that they had received for quality service and they did their best to show their appreciation with incredible hospitality. For the last few days of our stay in Cuba we explored a nearby five-star resort, took a catamaran trip, ate lobster and played with dolphins. The catamaran cruise was by far one of the biggest highlights of our stay, and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Cuba in the near future! The value and what was offered was incredible.

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Thank you Cuba and Sol Cayo Santa Maria for a very beautiful week away and all of the great memories. ❤

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