A Swirl Of Energy

Billions of years in the past,

All matter spawned into existence with a bang,

Riding powerful waves of energy through bounds of emptiness.

All matter emanating from one very dense pocket of all things.

Planets formed, chemicals mixed,

Life swelled in the depths of oceans.

Over billions of years all things had evolved.

Everything originating from that one dense pocket.

The Bang.

Planets, Stars, Gas, Life,

All things sharing that same explosive energy.

A mammal grows a sense of consciousness,

Billions of years after the creation of the Universe,

One spawn of energy has has found it’s own awareness,

And contemplates it’s own role in the Universe,

Knowing of insignificance is a painful burden to bare.

Consciousness leads to loneliness,

Feeling separated from the source.

A gift and a curse.

The energy that blessed us with life,

Will one day consume us and recycle us.

Death is not and never will be the end.

Some call it reincarnation.

An energy never dies.

Only a consciousness dies,

For it is nothing but a dream,

A dream separating matter from it’s source.

Breathe in the Universe and exhale acceptance.

The same energy that gave one life keeps one alive.

All life truly is a gift.

Farewell to another existential thought…

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