A Confession Of Transgressions

I had met you in the depths

Of the deepest low spot in my life

We brought each other

Rays of hope

To illuminate

The shadows of our strife

My back was aching then

From the heavy load of baggage

That I carried

You never stacked the weights on me

I just tried to

Keep that struggle buried

I was hurt by a past love

And I measured you against her too

That anxiety

Wasn’t fair to me

Or you


Mostly you

I only cared to protect


From this vivid imagination

Of a horrid rumination

The fictions led

To my distorted life’s


I chose you to be my savior


You could never save me from


One day

You were my best friend

And the next

A foe I would contend

The more I loved you

The more I’d frighten

The more

I’d wanted you to go

I couldn’t save me

From my fears

Yet I could save you

From those tears

So I’d pushed your love away

With a muted heart

Which screamed

Please stay

You’ve made me want

To change my ways

By giving me a glance through

Borrowed eyes

Even in the midst of hurt and anger

You’ve never wished for my demise

When I was convinced you were my enemy

You would prove

You were a friend to me





Over again

You’ve helped to shape my life for the better

And changed my life forever

By teaching me a lesson


The only demons

That I’m fighting

Are the demons from my past

The ones that live

Inside of me

Are causing

Most of all

My miseries

For even after

We’ve been pushed

To the point

Of full combustion

You’ve always reassured me

You’re a woman

I can trust in

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