I Went One Month Without Social Media And Here’s What I Discovered

So, I want to start by saying that I’ve never really been a huge fan of social media in the first place, yet I’ve used Facebook frequently as a way to store my photos online. I would also use Facebook as a way to connect with old friends or distant relatives and to share my blog with those in my life that actually care.

So, why did I give it up for a month?

Well, one month ago I gave up social media because I spent too much time scrolling through the mundane news feed of other people’s lives. I also had started to become self-conscious of what I would post. I started to question my content if it didn’t receive likes or comments. I was starting to feel insecure because of my Facebook account and it’s pretty shitty that an app you use by choice can make you feel that way. So I backed up all of my photos onto a hard drive and shut my account down.

How did it change my life? 

Well, I began to write way more frequently on my blog! I also stopped feeling as self-conscious about my life and the opinions of others. It even gave me the courage to make posts to my blog that were more deeply personal and raw because I wasn’t so concerned about who may or may not see it. It allowed me to just be me a bit more and for that, I’m grateful.

The other thing is that even though I am now less connected with others through Facebook, I am more connected through text messages, messaging apps and phone calls. Without that weak feeling of connection through social media, I have actually put the effort in to be truly more connected with those I love and care about.

Will I be reactivating my Facebook account now?

This is the big question! I feel like I may activate my Facebook account again just so I can continue to host my Facebook page for my blog, but I’m not interested in using Facebook regularly for personal use.

Perhaps I will! Perhaps I won’t. Let’s just say that at this point I’m still undecided. Facebook was definitely not something that I missed when I took it away from myself and if anything, my life actually approved in meaningful ways, so it’s difficult to justify opening up that can of worms again. Maybe I just need to use it differently and less frequently. Time will tell!


15 thoughts on “I Went One Month Without Social Media And Here’s What I Discovered

  1. I take short breaks from Facebook from time to time, but considering I’m trying to “make it” as a writer, social media is a must. I only have Facebook, though, so I’m not overwhelmed with it.
    I did a few things to make Facebook less “dramatic” — I unfollowed or unfriended anyone who brought negativity to my newsfeed or my posts. Even if they were family. I don’t have room for that much negativity in my life. I also stopped getting into arguments with strangers and stopped using the sad or angry reaction emoji and starting using the love and laughter emoji more. And it really makes a difference! Now my newsfeed is full of writing opportunities and news, cute animal videos, and inspirational stories. So I’ve tailored it to fit my life in a way, I guess.

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    1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve revived my Facebook, gave it a makeover and added to my blog page again all of the posts from the last month that I’ve missed. I plan on just using it in a more healthy and positive way like you’re suggesting. 😁

      The support I get there can be very good sometimes.


      1. Well I have a few friends on WordPress but still most networking for me is done on Facebook. There are a TON of groups on there. I particularly like 10 Minute Novelists and Writers Helping Writers. There are also plenty of groups tailored to your specific genre. I belong to one called Writers with Anxiety and another that’s only female writers. The best part is that once Facebook recognizes that you’re looking for and joining those types of groups, they’ll suggest other similar groups.
        I also subscribe to The Write Life, Submittable, and Authors Publish newsletters.

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  2. Great to take breaks and introspect. Congratulations Mathew!!
    We go through such phases all our lives. I think it is a process of learning and growth.
    I didn’t quit FB but went off it for more than 2 years. Started again just to post my blog posts.
    Coming back to from where you started isn’t the same as having never left …

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