“There Will Be No Work For You”

Just a personal post that comes from a pit of deep frustration and aggravation.

My 6 months of Short Term Disability had just come to a close with my group benefits and I was hopeful to return to work on Monday. Yet, only a few days ago my employer informed me that they have found no work suitable for me due to my limitations and that I’m basically on my own.

I will be receiving no payout. No severance. No money to tide me over until I start school in September. Just a “tough luck” and “you’re outta here”, not literally but that’s how it felt.

The worst part is the way they’ve been treating me as if I was dismissed or fired. I tried to have my brother grab my toolbox since he works there, and they sent a supervisor out to his vehicle with him to retrieve it. They want to check it before I pick it up to make sure that I’m not stealing company equipment.

I suppose I’ll be applying for unemployment benefits now until I can find part-time work for September. It’s really disheartening and it’s kind of crushed me emotionally the past few days. I hate feeling disabled and yet, I know that I’ve come so far in my recovery, but I’m considered a liability now.

I’m very angry with my company…

I suppose I’ll try to contact a lawyer to make sure they can legally just brush me aside like that and hope that I resign.

I can’t wait for my life to get back to something more normal where I feel useful again.

23 thoughts on ““There Will Be No Work For You”

  1. There’s truth and wisdom in this. Maybe you’re meant for better things darlin. Bigger things! There’s opportunities in your future, keep faith and an opened heart.


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